MIS Project Teams: An Investigation of Cognitive Style Implications

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A profusion of technology is insufficient to implement effective computer systems without the full utilization of human resources to develop such systems. The issue of fully developing and utilizing available human resources is currently receiving careful scrutiny in the MIS literature. One methodology for fully utilizing human resources has been maximizing productivity by stressing team effort. This research focuses on evaluating the systems development activities of two MIS project teams. Empirical evidence was gathered from interviews with MIS personnel and key users concerning strengths/weaknesses of the two project teams. Analysis was performed to determine the personality characteristics (as measured by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) of the MIS staff. The results of this analysis indicated a void of certain personality styles in project team one. This void correlated with weaknesses ascertained from the interview data for project team one. Project team two, with all four personality types represented, was evaluated as very successful. Recommendations are made for assembling project teams based on these findings.
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Author Kathy Brittain White
Year 1984
Volume 8
Issue 2
Keywords project teams, human resource management, MIS systems development, MIS systems design
Page Numbers 95-101
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