2016 December

A Tree-Based Approach for Addressing Self-Selection in Impact Studies with Big Data
Inbal Yahav, Galit Shmueli, and Deepa Mani (pp. 819-848)

Large-Scale Network Analysis for Online Social Brand Advertising
Kunpeng Zhang, Siddhartha Bhattacharyya, and Sudha Ram (pp. 849-868)

Toward a Digital Attribution Model: Measuring the Impact of Display Advertising on Online Consumer Behavior
Anindya Ghose and Vilma Todri-Adamopoulos (pp. 889-910)

Crowd-Squared: Amplifying the Predictive Power of Search Trend Data
Erik Brynjolfsson, Tomer Geva, and Shachar Reichman (pp. 941-961)

Mobile App Analytics: A Multiple Discrete-Continuous Choice Framework
Sang Pil Han, Sungho Park, and Wonseok Oh (pp. 983-1008)

Comprehensible Predictive Models for Business Processes
Dominic Breuker, Martin Matzner, Patrick Delfmann, and Jörg Becker (pp. 1009-1034)

Toward a Better Measure of Business Proximity: Topic Modeling for Industry Intelligence
Zhan (Michael) Shi, Gene Moo Lee, and Andrew B. Whinston (pp. 1035-1056)

2016 September

A Tool for Addressing Construct Identity in Literature Reviews and Meta-Analyses
Kai R. Larsen and Chih How Bong (pp. 529-551)

Advertising Versus Brokerage Model for Online Trading Platforms
Jianqing Chen, Ming Fan, and Mingzhi Li (pp. 575-596)

The Compensatory Interaction Between User Capabilities and Technology Capabilities in Influencing Task Performance: An Empirical Assessment in Telemedicine Consultations
Christina Serrano and Elena Karahanna (pp. 597-621)

TV’s Dirty Little Secret: The Negative Effect of Popular TV on Online Auction Sales
Oliver Hinz, Shawndra Hill, and Ju-Young Kim (pp. 623-644)

Capturing the Complexity of Malleable IT Use: Adaptive Structuration Theory for Individuals
Kurt W. Schmitz, James T. C. Teng, and Kimberly J. Webb (pp. 663-686)

Senior Executives’ IT Management Responsibilities: Serious IT-Related Deficiencies and CEO/CFO Turnover
Adi Masli, Vernon J. Richardson, Marcia Weidenmier Watson, and Robert W. Zmud (pp. 687-708)

Pirates in the Lab: Using Incentivized Choice Experiments to Explore Preference for (Un)Authorized Content
Piotr Ćwiakowski, Marek Giergiczny, and Michal Krawczk (pp. 709-715)

The Making of a Good Impression: Information Hiding in Ad Exchanges
Zhen Sun, Milind Dawande, Ganesh Janakiraman, and Vijay Mookerjee (pp. 717-739)

Control Configuration and Control Enactment in Information Systems Projects: Review and Expanded Theoretical Framework
Martin Wiener, Magnus Mähring, Ulrich Remus, and Carol Saunders (pp. 741-774)

Revisiting Group-Based Technology Adoption as a Dynamic Process: The Role of Changing Attitude–Rationale Configurations
Petra Saskia Bayerl, Kristina Lauche, and Carolyn Axtell (pp. 775-784)

Participation in Open Knowledge Communities and Job-Hopping: Evidence from Enterprise Software
Peng Huang and Zhongju Zhang (pp. 785-806)

2016 June: Special Issue: ICT and Societal Challenges

The Duality of Empowerment and Marginalization in Microtask Crowdsourcing: Giving Voice to the Less Powerful Through Value Sensitive Design
Xuefei (Nancy) Deng, K. D. Joshi, and Robert D. Galliers (pp. 267-277)

Are Social Media Emancipatory or Hegemonic? Societal Effects of Mass Media Digitization in the Case of the SOPA Discourse
Shaila M. Miranda, Amber Young, and Emre Yetgin (pp. 303-329)

The Internet and Racial Hate Crime: Offline Spillovers from Online Access
Jason Chan, Anindya Ghose, and Robert Seamans (pp. 381-403)

Does Information and Communication Technology Lead to the Well-Being of Nations? A Country-Level Empirical Investigation
Kartik K. Ganju, Paul A. Pavlou, and Rajiv D. Banker (pp. 417-430)

The Emergence of Self-Organizing E-Commerce Ecosystems in Remote Villages in China: A Tale of Digital Empowerment for Rural Development
Carmen Leong, Shan L. Pan, Sue Newell, and Lili Cui (pp. 475-484)

You Can’t Bribe a Computer: Dealing with the Societal Challenge of Corruption Through ICT
Shirish C. Srivastava, Thompson S. H. Teo, and Sarv Devaraj (pp. 511-526)

2016 March

An Exploratory Study of the Formation and Impact of Electronic Service Failures
Chee-Wee Tan, Izak Benbasat, and Ronald T. Cenfetelli (pp. 1-29)

Free Versus For-A-Fee: The Impact of a Paywall on the Pattern and Effectiveness of Word-of-Mouth via Social Media
Hyelim Oh, Animesh Animesh, and Alain Pinsonneault (pp. 31-56)

Competitive Bundling in Information Markets: A Seller-Side Analysis
Srinivasan Raghunathan and Sumit Sarkar (pp. 111-131)

When Does Repository KMS Use Lift Performance? The Role of Alternative Knowledge
Seung Hyun Kim, Tridas Mukhopadhyay, and Robert E. Kraut (pp. 133-156)

A Temporally Situated Self-Agency Theory of Information Technology Reinvention
Saggi Nevo, Dorit Nevo, and Alain Pinsonneault (pp. 157-186)

Individuals’ Internet Security Perceptions and Behaviors: Polycontextual Contrasts Between the United States and China
Yan Chen and Fatemeh Mariam Zahedi (205-222)

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