Organizational Experiences and Career Success of MIS Professionals and Managers: An Examination of Race Differences

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The role that race plays in influencing the work experiences and career outcomes of MIS personnel has been neglected in the MIS human resource management literature to date, despite the significant demographic changes in the work force projected by the year 2000 and beyond. Thus, the need to understand and eliminate any barriers to advancement for various subgroups is essential if employers are to continue attracting the most qualified employees. This study examines relationships among race, organizational experiences, job performance evaluation, and career outcomes of black and white MIS employees in a large multi-national telecommunications company. Direct and indirect effects of race on job performance evaluations and career outcomes (i.e., advancement prospects, career satisfaction, and organizational commitment) are examined. Compared to white MIS employees, black MIS employees reported less job discretion, less career support, and lower levels of met expectations. In addition, blacks received lower job performance ratings and were less satisfied with their careers than whites. Among other things, it is recommended that organizations be sensitive to and work to prevent the disparate treatment of black and white employees in all areas of the company, especially by supervisors, which negatively affects black employees' opportunities for promotion and advancement and the quality of their experiences on the job. Employers cannot assume automatically that black and white employees, or other subgroups, have the same experiences on the job or that their perceptions of their experiences are the same. Suggestions for additional research are offered and human resource management implications are identified.
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Author Magid Igbaria and Wayne M. Wormley
Year 1992
Volume 16
Issue 4
Keywords MIS management, MIS personnel, career management race differences
Page Numbers 507-529
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