Perceptions of the Benefits From the Introduction of CASE: An Empirical Study

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This article describes one UK company's commitment to a computer-aided software (CASE) approach. Three conclusions are drawn. First, there were considerable productivity and quality gains associated with the introduction of CASE: 85% improvement in productivity was recorded, system delivery times were reduced by 70%, and quality improved significantly. Second, these improvements were not fully recognized by the customers and developers. Third, the developers thought that the introduction of CASE had made their jobs more interesting and made them more effective. Conclusions are also drawn regarding the human resource, technical, and managerial infrastructural factors of importance to the successful introduction of CASE methodologies.
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Author Paul N. Finlay and Andrew C. Mitchell
Year 1994
Volume 18
Issue 4
Keywords CASE, ICASE, productivity measurement, software development, software engineering, information engineering
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