Powers-of-Ten Information Biases

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Powers-of-ten information biases arise when recurring numeric information is consistently inflated or deflated by a power of ten. Such biases are difficult to detect because the information stream is internally consistent and external verification is impeded. This study confirms earlier findings that information bias detection rates are low. It extends those findings by demonstrating that bias detection does not increase significantly with bias magnitude or specific detection instructions, two often-suggested detection factors. Bias detectors do, however, employ more effective misinformation search and verification strategies than non-detectors. Therefore, IS research should investigate other strategies as well as the possibility that information biases contribute to poor decisions and dissatisfaction with information systems.
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Author John A. Ricketts
Year 1990
Volume 14
Issue 1
Keywords Information bias, information error, information systems management and control, decision support systems, information theory, empirical findings, experimental results, risk, systems analysis and design
Page Numbers 63-77
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