Problems and Issues in the Management of International Data Communications Networks: The Experiences of American Companies

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The trend toward global competition is increasing the importance of international data communications networks. Indeed, many executives believe such networks are critical to their company’s future success. The challenge for these companies is to successfully establish and manage a global network to facilitate the transfer of data across international borders. Prior to this study, however, little was known about the problems involved with developing a global network or about the factors contributing to their success. A survey of American companies indicates that the major problems encountered with global networks are technical in nature, related primarily to the quality of foreign telephone network services. These technical problems, however, are exacerbated by politically imposed constraints that are strict firms’ options for managing their global network. Respondents also express concern about the lack of adequate top management to support to deal with the problems involved in running a global network. The study also finds that both management policies and firm characteristics that affect the successful operation of a global transfer are more satisfied with their networks than are firms that d not have such a help center. In addition, firms that use their networks to exchange data with outside parties (e.g., customers or suppliers0 are also more satisfied with their networks than are firms that only exchange data internally.
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Author Paul John Steinbart and Ravinder Nath
Year 1992
Volume 16
Issue 1
Keywords Global networks, international data communications transborder data flow
Page Numbers 55-76
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