RAFT: An Information System for Fiscal Analysis

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Rapid Analysis Fiscal Tool (RAFT) is an information system designed to provide Minnesota government officials with an analytical tool for evaluating fiscal policy. The system permits rapid analysis of the effect of proposed changes in the tax laws on the fiscal situation of local governments and shows the impact on representative taxpayers in different localities in the state. It also provides up-to-date information for comparing localities’ relative tax burdens and spending levels. This article outlines the development of the system and describes its uses. Some insights on system design applicable to all information systems are shared by addressing the issue of design and development of the RAFT information system.
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Author James C. Johnson, Kenneth A. Kozar, and David A. Ruch
Year 1977
Volume 1
Issue 4
Keywords Development, Fiscal MIS, Governmental MIS, Fiscal modeling
Page Numbers 29-39
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