Redesign of Managerial Tasks: A Requisite for Successful Decision Support Systems

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Developing and installing a computer-based system in an organization can have major impacts on tasks performed by participants in that organization. In recent years, an increasing share of systems development effort has been directed toward system to support managerial decision-making. These systems require a far greater degree of individual change than did earlier, clerical replacement systems. Successful implementation often requires changes in the users’ views of their jobs. The demands that these systems place on the implementation process cause many standard development approaches to be inadequate. This article suggests some alternative approaches and points out the need for new tools.
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Author Michael J. Ginzberg
Year 1978
Volume 2
Issue 1
Keywords decision support systems, level-of-adoptions, managerial task change, system design, system evaluation, user training
Page Numbers 39-52
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