Reliability of Information Systems Based on the Critical Success Factors -- Formulation

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This article develops reliability as a measure of information system s(IS) success based on the critical success factors (CSF). This paper constructs the hierarchical configuration of CSFs using Rockart’s data on CSFs of IS executives, and checks the applicability of this configuration by using Martin’s data. The article then derives IS reliability from the CSF configuration. Reliability is a quantifiable measure used in in the control and management of IS. It provides an early warning about the quality of the IS, and identifies the areas where the trouble lies. Reliability can be used to compare various information systems, and as the numerical example in this article demonstrates, this measure could be used extensively in cost/benefit analyses of computing IS investment projects.
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Author Fatemeh Zahedi
Year 1987
Volume 11
Issue 2
Keywords Information systems reliability, critical success factors, reliability measure
Page Numbers 187-203
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