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The purpose of MISQ Research Curations is to identify topics of significant interest to the IS field and other disciplines, identify MISQ articles that make significant contributions to these topics, and provide researchers with easy access to a bundle of MISQ articles on which to further build or extend research. Each curation will include a short summary of the topic and the bundle of MISQ articles related to the topic. It will be accessible from the MISQ web site and will serve as a living document that is updated as new articles related to the topic are published. The MISQ Research Curations initiative will be managed by a Research Curations Editor in close collaboration with the Editor-in-Chief. The Research Curations Editor and the EIC will invite a team of researchers who collectively represent different perspectives related to a topic to develop a curation. The curation will undergo an iterative development process before it is released. Research Curations Editor: Priya Seetharman (IIM Calcutta)


Quarterly Research Curations

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We started MIS Quarterly’s social media initiative with the simple desire to celebrate the research published in the journal. The result of our journey is not only #misq #research, but an amazing community of scholars we’ve connected with along the way. We’re consistently motivated to keep bonding with our community better, and hold ourselves accountable to bridge new communities. That includes using social media to close the science-practice gap.

For us, celebrating impactful research that you are excited to read every quarter, and share it with others, is all that matters. We are not sure when your manuscript will be accepted for publication in MIS Quarterly, but when that acceptance e-mail arrives in your inbox, we will be ready to celebrate with you, on social media, of course!

We invite you to connect with us on our social media platforms and engage with the MISQ community on an ongoing basis. We use the platforms to share videos, podcasts, and other content about MISQ articles and to share information about MISQ events like author and reviewer development workshops, about special issues, and about other MISQ initiatives. We welcome your participation on our social media platforms!

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