Restoring a Sense of Control During Implementation: How User Involvement Leads to System Acceptance

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User involvement has long been considered a critical component of effective system implementation. However, the perspective has suffered from mixed results of empirical tests and the lack of a theoretical explanation for the relationship (Ives and Olson 1984; Baroudi et al. 1986). Our purpose is to present a theoretically grounded perspective to account for effects of involving users during implementation, and to provide an initial test of this perspective. We propose that (1) system implementation represents a threat to users’ perceptions of control over their work and a period of transition during which users must cope with differences between old and new work systems; (2) user involvement is effective because it restores or enhances perceived control. Results of a field experiment designed as a preliminary test of this perspective are discussed.
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Author Ann-Marie K. Baronas and Meryl Reis Louis
Year 1988
Volume 12
Issue 1
Keywords User involvement, implementation, system acceptance, system development
Page Numbers 111-124
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