Resubmission of Rejected Papers

MIS Quarterly does not have a reject-and-resubmit decision for submissions. This decision category was discontinued in 2013.

In very rare instances, a Senior Editor may mention in their decision letter that the authors can submit a radically reworked version of the paper as a new submission. In all such instances, the resubmission will need to be substantially different from the original paper in ways that go well above and beyond what is typically associated with a major revision. The changes will typically cut across most and potentially all aspects of the manuscript, leading to a very different paper from the rejected version.

Such resubmissions are processed as a new submission. Accordingly, authors should follow the submission procedures for a new paper. They should provide the following information in their cover letter:

  • Provenance of the paper including the manuscript number of the rejected version, the title of the paper, and the name of the Senior Editor who handled the previous version.
  • Nominations for Senior Editors and Associate Editors from the current editorial board, and nominations for reviewers, as for new submissions. Authors can nominate the Senior Editor that handled the rejected version if the Senior Editor is on the current board, but they should provide at least one additional nomination. Only in very rare circumstances will the paper be reassigned to a Senior Editor who has rotated off the board.
  • Summary of major changes to the paper in 2-3 pages.
  • A copy of the rejected paper.

The resubmission will be first assessed to see whether the paper has changed sufficiently for reconsideration as a new submission. The bar for reconsideration is very high.


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