Selecting an End User Programming Language for DSS Development

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Today managers and policy makers are confronted with an overwhelming range of choices of computer software to develop decision support systems (DSS). The authors argue that DSS language evaluation and selection should be a multi-step process involving most, if not all of the following: 1. End User Needs Assessment and Problem Diagnosis 2. Critical Success Factor Identification 3. Feature Analysis and Capability Review 4. Demonstration Prototype Development 5. External User Surveys 6. Benchmark and Simulation Tests 7. Programmer Productivity and End User Orientation Analysis The objectives of each of these activities are described, as well as specific procedures for accomplishing them. In addition, the authors discuss the usefulness of a multi-disciplinary task force to accomplish the DSS language evaluation and selection process.
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Author C. Lawrence Meador and Richard A. Mezger
Year 1984
Volume 8
Issue 4
Keywords decision support systems, end user computing, software evaluation, architectural features, user needs assessment
Page Numbers 267-281
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