Senior Executives' IT Management Responsibilities: Serious IT-Related Deficiencies and CEO/CFO Turnover

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While the information systems scholarly and practice literatures both stress the importance of senior executive engagement with IT management, the recommendations for doing so remain, at best, limited and general. Examining the influence of serious IT-related deficiencies on CEO/CFO turnover within the post-SOX financial reporting context, specific CEO/CFO IT management responsibilities are identified: CEOs are shown to be held accountable for global IT management responsibilities, and CFOs are shown to be held accountable for demand-side IT management responsibilities. Implications for information systems research, management research, and information systems practice are provided. 3/21/16
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Author Adi Masli, Vernon J. Richardson, Marcia Weidenmier Watson, and Robert W. Zmud
Year 2016
Volume 40
Issue 3
Keywords IT management, executive responsibilities, managerial delegation, executive turnover
Page Numbers 687-708
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