Setting Priorities for DSS Development

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Traditional project management and design methods used for data processing and MIS applications are ill-suited to decision support systems (DSS). The authors argue that effective management of DSS development requires: a) An explicit plan for the full development life cycle; b) Careful assignment of responsibility for DSS development; c) Appropriate user involvement and direction; and d) On-going user needs assessment and problem diagnosis A 13-stage tactical plan for DSS development, called the DSS development life cycle, is described. Results are presented from an in-depth survey of users of 34 different DSS to show that the tasks performed most ineffectively in DSS development are planning, assessment of user needs, and system evaluation. Results from the survey are also presented that show the factors responsible for DSS project approval, and the factors responsible for DSS success.
Additional Details
Author C. Lawrence Meador and Peter G.W. Keen
Year 1984
Volume 8
Issue 2
Keywords decision support systems, development life cycle, architectural features, user need assessment, defining success
Page Numbers 117-129
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