Tailoring Database Training for End Users

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Lack of familiarity with database design methods could prevent many end users from effectively implementing their database management system packages. An inexpensive solution would be for end users to learn required database design skills from software tutors tailored to their needs. This research describes two tutors developed to teach these skills to end users. The tutors were based on a modified Entity-Relationship database design method. They improved an end user’s natural learning process by incorporating design principles and facilitators. Empirical comparison of the tutors tested the teaching effectiveness of the facilitators. The results lead to recommendations for closing the gap between skills required and skills learned by end users in database design. Development of tutors that teach specific database design skills irrespective of the software package used in implementation has important implications for practitioners and researchers.
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Author Judith A. Ahrens and Chetan S. Sankar
Year 1993
Volume 17
Issue 4
Keywords End-user training, software tutors, cognitive skill acquisition, database design
Page Numbers 419-439
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