The Application of Electronic Meeting Technology to Support Strategic Management

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Strategic management is often performed by groups of managers. By improving the communication process of such groups, strategic management might be enhanced. This paper investigates the application of electronic meeting systems (EMS) technology to support strategic management. Eight cases involving five organizations using an EMS facility are examined to: (1) determine how organizational groups use EMS for strategic management, (2) assess the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the EMS approach to strategic management, and (3) assess the capability of an EMS to address a variety of group process and communication issues in an organizational context. The findings indicate that EMS technology can address a number of the theoretical and practical concerns associated with strategic management meetings involving large heterogeneous groups of managers. Implications for the design of EMS to support strategic management are discussed, and opportunities for future research are identified.
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Author Craig K. Tyran, Alan R. Dennis, Douglas R. Vogel, and J. F. Nunamaker, Jr.
Year 1992
Volume 16
Issue 3
Keywords Electronic meeting systems, decision support, group decision support systems, group support systems, strategic decision making, strategic management
Page Numbers 313-334
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