The Implementation of Strategic Information Systems Planning Methodologies

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Strategic information systems planning (SISP) is the process of deciding the objectives for organizational computing and identifying potential computer applications which the organization should implement. This article gives a thorough definition of SISP and then illustrates it with three methodologies. A survey of 80 organizations examined the problems faced by information systems managers when they attempt to implement such a methodology. The subjects’ overall satisfaction with the methodology, its resource requirements, process, output, and final execution were not particularly high. The tow problems rated most severe were the difficulty in securing top management commitment for implementing the plan and the need for substantial further analysis in order to carry out the plan. The survey also investigated some potential cause of the problems. Survey results suggest that the SISP methodologies may often produce satisfactory plans but that organizations lack the management commitment and control mechanisms to ensure that they follow the plans.
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Author Albert L. Lederer and Vijay Sethi
Year 1988
Volume 12
Issue 3
Keywords Planning, information systems, information management
Page Numbers 445-461
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