The Influence of IT Management Practice on IT Use in Large Organizations

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This paper draws upon the absorptive capacity as the theoretical basis for a pragmatic explanation of key factors affecting information technology (IT) use in large, complex organizations. IT use is defined as the extent to which an organization deploys IT to support operational and strategic tasks. The study uses results from a survey of senior IT managers from 132 firms to examine hypothesized relationships among the following constructs: IT management climate, managerial IT knowledge, IT-management-process effectiveness, and IT use. A structural-equation model is developed using LISREL to assess the relative effects of and interrelationships among these constructs. The study's findings indicate that managerial IT knowledge is a dominant factor in explaining high levels of IT use and that both managerial IT knowledge and IT-management-process effectiveness are influenced by IT management climate.
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Author Andrew C. Boynton, Robert W. Zmud, and Gerry C. Jacobs
Year 1994
Volume 18
Issue 3
Keywords absorptive capacity, IT management, IT management processes, IT use
Page Numbers 299-318
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