The Integration of Word Processing into a Management Information System

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Both the computing and word processing industries have grown to billion dollar size, but little real effort has been made to integrate them at the application level. The effort that has been expended to date has been directed at integrating word processing and data processing. What is needed is a serious look at the potential for integrating word processing into management information systems. One approach is to evaluate theoretical constructs of management information systems that indicate areas of potential word processing applications. Henry Mintzberg’s concept of managerial roles and information flows is one such construct. The authors use Mintzberg’s theory as a basis for a word processing and management information system integration that is being followed in a life insurance company. The company had recognized the logic of integrating word processing and data processing, but the potential for also involving information processing in the long range plan became clear only after the interpretation of the Mintzberg theory in light of word processing opportunities. The experiences of this company should be of value to others engaged in loosely-tied word processing, data processing, and management information system development programs.
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Author Raymond McLeod, Jr., and Donald H. Bender
Year 1982
Volume 6
Issue 4
Keywords word processing, information theory, management roles, hard information, soft information, Mintzberg, multifunctional work station, action oriented processing, multifunctional management information station
Page Numbers 11-29
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