The Spatial, Temporal, and Configurational Characteristics of Geographic Dispersion in Teams

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As organizations operate across greater distances, scholars are increasingly interested in the work of geographically dispersed teams and the technologies that they use to communicate and coordinate their work. However, research has generally not specified the dimensions (spatial, temporal, or configurational) and degrees of team dispersion, nor has it articulated the theoretical connections between those dimensions and important team outcomes. This research essay expands upon previous field and lab studies of dispersed teamwork by presenting a new conceptualization of dispersion as a continuous, multidimensional construct, in which each dimension is theoretically linked with different outcomes. We illustrate this new conceptualization with a series of examples from real dispersed teams and present implications for research regarding technology use.
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Author Michael Boyer O'Leary and Jonathon N. Cummings
Year 2007
Volume 31
Issue 3
Keywords Geographically dispersed teams, virtual teams, dispersion, distance, configuration, technology use
Page Numbers 433-452
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