Toward a Process-Based, Interpretive Understanding of How Collaborative Groups Deal With ICT Interruptions

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Received: September 16, 2019
Revised: October 1, 2020; November 15, 2021; June 29, 2022; March 24, 2023
Accepted: April 6, 2023
Published Online in Issue: March 1, 2024


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Contemporary knowledge workers collaborating in hybrid work environments need to frequently deal with ICT interruptions. This can potentially lead to disruptions in the collaboration process, particularly in synchronous collaboration contexts. How do knowledge workers deal with such interruptions to ensure the smooth continuation of their collaboration? Previous studies, for the most part, suggest that interruptions are likely to negatively affect the process of collaboration, yet we see that in many instances, knowledge workers continue to collaborate smoothly despite receiving ICT interruptions and even attending to them. In other words, ICT interruptions do not always discernibly affect the collaborative process. In this paper, sensitized by concepts from Goffman’s work, we offer a novel understanding of how group members can seamlessly handle ICT interruptions, avoiding and, in certain cases, recovering from serious disruptions in collaboration.

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Author Sanna Tiilikainen, Virpi Kristiina Tuunainen, Suprateek Sarker, and Ilkka Arminen
Year 2024
Volume 48
Issue 1
Keywords ICT interruptions, distributed work, collaboration, knowledge work, symbolic interactionism, qualitative research, interpretive study, multimodal interaction analysis, video analysis
Page Numbers 167-218
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