(Un)Structured Creativity in Information Systems Organizations

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The subject of creativity is a neglected area in the literature of the information systems field. Yet, according to a Delphi survey of chief information officers, the field needs to be developing more creative and innovative solutions to its problems. Organizations must first be sure that certain preconditions and organizational components be in place to help individuals and teams become more creative. They can then use numerous creativity improvements techniques that have proved successful in other disciplines. In this article, six case studies show how analytical techniques (progressive abstraction, interrogations, and force field analysis) and intuitive techniques (associations/images, wishful thinking, and analogy/metaphor) have been used in several industries to solve a variety of IS-related problems and/or opportunities. Al told, some 20 creativity techniques provide especially appropriate for the IS field. Once managers understand when and where to use creativity techniques, they can move forward with implementing formal creativity improvement programs in their organizations.
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Author J. Daniel Couger, Lexis F. Higgins, and Scott C. McIntyre
Year 1993
Volume 17
Issue 4
Keywords Creativity, creativity in information systems, creative climate, creativity techniques
Page Numbers 375-397
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