*ICIS Paper:* User Developed Applications: Evaluation of Success from the DP

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User development of computer-based applications (UDA) is a new phenomenon in organizations, and can provide benefits for both users and data processing departments. The benefits of UDA for DP departments are considered in this article. The UDA literature suggests that DP departments can expect to receive two major types of benefits: a decrease in the backlog of DP application development projects in the proportion of DP resources spent on application maintenance. However, this study, which was carried out in ten large Canadian business firms, found that in no instances were these factors cited by senior DP managers as primary success considerations.
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Author Suzanne Rivard and Sid L. Huff
Year 1984
Volume 8
Issue 1
Keywords administrative data processing, computers and society, management of computing and information systems, human factors, user developed applications, end user programming, fourth generation languages
Page Numbers 39-50
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