Visions and Voices on Emerging Challenges in Digital Business Strategy

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This section is a collection of shorter “Issue and Opinions” pieces that address some of the critical challenges around the evolution of digital business strategy. These voices and visions are from thought leaders who, in addition to their scholarship, have a keen sense of practice. They outline through their opinion pieces a series of issues that will need attention from both research and practice. These issues have been identified through their observation of practice with the eye of a scholar. They provide fertile opportunities for scholars in information systems, strategic management, and organizational theory. "Leadership in a Digital World: Embracing Transparency and Adaptive Capacity" Warren Bennis (pp. 635-636) "Transparency Strategy: Competing with Information in a Digital World" Nelson Granados and Alok Gupta (pp. 637-641) "Value Architectures for Digital Business: Beyond the Business Model" Peter Keen and Ronald Williams (pp. 642-647) "Commoditized Digital Processes and Business Community Platforms: New Opportunities and Challenges for Digital Business Strategies" M. Lynne Markus and Claudia Loebbecke (pp. 649-653) "Revealing Your Hand: Caveats in Implementing Digital Business Strategy" Varun Grover and Rajiv Kohli (pp. 655-662)
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Author Anandhi Bharadwaj, Omar A. El Sawy, Paul A. Pavlou, and N. Venkatraman
Year 2013
Volume 37
Issue 2
Keywords Digital business strategy, digital business strategy challenges, digital business strategy opportunities
Page Numbers 633-661
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