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Volume 48, Issue 1 - March 2024

Issue Cover: MISQ Volume 48, Issue 1

Editor's Comments: A Community-Based View of MIS Quarterly

Research Articles

How Users Drive Value in Two-Sided Markets: Platform Designs That Matter
Zhou Zhou, Lingling Zhang, and Marshall Van. Alstyne
(pp. 1-30)

Website Localization Strategies to Promote Global E-Commerce: The Moderating Role of Individualism and Collectivism
Tailai Wu, Chih-Hung Peng, Choon Ling Sia, and Yaobin Lu
(pp. 31-66)

The Entrainment of Task Allocation and Release Cycles in Open Source Software Development
Aron Lindberg, Aaron Schecter, Nicholas Berente, Phil Hennel, and Kalle Lyytinen
(pp. 67-94)

Time Will Tell: The Case for an Idiographic Approach to Behavioral Cybersecurity Research
W. Alec Cram, John D'Arcy, and Alexander Benlian
(pp. 95-136)

Creating Proactive Cyber Threat Intelligence with Hacker Exploit Labels: A Deep Transfer Learning Approach
Benjamin M. Ampel, Sagar Samtani, Hongyi Zhu, and Hsinchun Chen
(pp. 137-166)

Toward a Process-Based, Interpretive Understanding of How Collaborative Groups Deal With ICT Interruptions
Sanna Tiilikainen, Virpi Kristiina Tuunainen, Suprateek Sarker, and Ilkka Arminen
(pp. 167-218)

Inclusion by Design: Requirements Elicitation with Digitally Marginalized Communities
Isam Faik, Avijit Sengupta, and Yimeng Deng
(pp. 219-244)

Skin in the Game: The Transformational Potential of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
Eleunthia Wong Ellinger, Robert Wayne Gregory, Tobias Mini, Thomas Widjaja, and Ola Henfridsson
(pp. 245-272)

Delays in Information Presentation Lead to Brain State Switching, Which Degrades User Performance, and There May Not Be Much We Can Do about It
Kevin A. Harmon, Hansol Lee, Bahar Javadi Khasraghi, Harshit S. Parmar, and Eric A. Walden
(pp. 273-298)

Real-Effort Incentives in Online Labor Markets: Punishments and Rewards for Individuals and Groups
Matthew J. Hashim and Jesse C. Bockstedt
(pp. 299-320)

iRepair or I Repair? A Dialectical Process Analysis of Control Enactment in the iPhone Repair Aftermarket
Jan Recker, Roman Zeiss, and Mario Mueller
(pp. 321-346)

Balancing Affordances and Constraints: Designing Enterprise Social Media for Organizational Knowledge Work
Hani Safadi
(pp. 347-374)

Research Notes

Effects of Explicit Sponsorship Disclosure on User Engagement in Social Media Influencer Marketing
Zike Cao and Rodrigo Belo
(pp. 375-392)

Using Digital Nudges to Enhance Collective Intelligence in Online Collaboration: Insights from Unexpected Outcomes
Pranav Gupta, Young Ji Kim, Ella Glikson, and Anita Williams Woolley
(pp. 393-408)

Dual Pathways of Value Creation from Digital Strategic Posture: Contingent Effects of Competitive Actions and Environmental Uncertainty
Inmyung Choi, David E. Cantor, Kunsoo Han, and Joey F. George
(pp. 409-426)

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