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Volume 48, Issue 2 - June 2024

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Table of Contents: Volume 48, Issue 2 Contents

Editor's Comments: Community Building through Virtuous Reviewing

Methods Articles

Dealing with Complexity in Design Science Research: A Methodology Using Design Echelons
Tuure Tuunanen, Robert Winter, and Jan vom Brocke
(pp. 427-458)

Research Articles

How the Locus of Uncertainty Shapes the Influence of CEO Long-term Compensation on Information Technology Capital Investments
Terence J. V. Saldanha, Mariana G. Andrade-Rojas, Abhishek Kathuria, Jiban Khuntia, and M.S. Krishnan
(pp. 459-490)

Data Commoning in the Life Sciences
Laia Pujol Priego and Jonathan Wareham
(pp. 491-520)

Commercializing Social Media? How Showrooms on Social Media Fan Pages Influence Customer Behavior
Jaehwuen Jung, Shuting (Ada) Wang, and Sunil Wattal
(pp. 521-550)

Lying for Viewers: Commingled Partisan Falsehoods Increase Viewing and Sharing of News Media
Seyoung Seol, Jorge Mejia, and Alan R. Dennis
(pp. 551-582)

Generativity and Profitability on B2B Innovation Platforms: A Simulation-based Theory Development
Kazem Haki, Hüseyin Tanriverdi, Dorsa Safaei, Marius Schmid, Stephan Aier, and Robert Winter
(pp. 583-612)

Navigating the Digital Terrain of Prosocial Disclosures and Likability
Xue (Jane) Tan, Lu (Lucy) Yan, and Alfonso J. Pedraza-Martinez
(pp. 613-644)

In-Consumption Information Cues and Online Video Consumption
Jaeung Sim, Kyungmin Choi, Sang Pil Han, and Daegon Cho
(pp. 645-678)

Theory and Review Articles

Digitization of Transaction Terms within TCE: Strong Smart Contract as a New Mode of Transaction Governance
Hanna Halaburda, Natalia Levina, and Semi Min
(pp. 825-846)

Research Notes

Deconstructing Technostress: A Configurational Approach to Explaining Job Burnout and Job Performance
Katharina Pflügner, Christian Maier, Jason Bennett Thatcher, Jens Mattke, and Tim Weitzel
(pp. 679-698)

No News is Bad News: The Internet, Corruption, and the Decline of the Fourth Estate
Ted Matherly and Brad Greenwood
(pp. 699-714)

Creation or Destruction? STEM OPT Extension and Employment of Information Technology Professionals
Xue Guo, Jing Gong, and Min-Seok Pang
(pp. 715-730)

Engaging Users on Social Media Business Pages: The Roles of User Comments and Firm Responses
Xiaoye Cheng, Hillol Bala, and Mochen Yang
(pp. 731-748)

Understanding the Returns from Integrated Enterprise Systems: The Impacts of Agile and Phased Implementation Strategies
Sinan Aral, Erik Brynjolfsson, Chris Gu, Hongchang Wang, and D. J. Wu
(pp. 749-774)

Economics of Analytics Services on a Marketplace Platform
Zhe Wang, Hong Guo, and Dengpan Liu
(pp. 775-824)

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