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Volume 47, Issue 4 - December 2023

Issue Cover: Volume 47, Issue 4 - December 2023

Editor's Comments: Tuum Est by Andrew Burton-Jones

Guest Editorial: Affordances and Agency: A Clarification and Integration of Fractured Concepts by Paul Leonardi, 2022 Davis-Dickson Impact Award Winner

Index: Editorial Board Members for Volume 47

Research Articles

Prejudiced against the Machine? Implicit Associations and the Transience of Algorithm Aversion
Ofir Turel and Shivam Kalhan
(pp. 1369-1394)

How AI-Based Systems Can Induce Reflections: The Case of AI-Augmented Diagnostic Work
Benjamin M. Abdel-Karim, Nicolas Pfeuffer, K. Valerie Carl, and Oliver Hinz
(pp. 1395-1424)

Does IT Enable Collusion or Competition: Examining the Effects of IT on Service Pricing in Multimarket Multihospital Systems
Kui Du and Hüseyin Tanriverdi
(pp. 1425-1454)

Depicting Risk Profile over Time: A Novel Multiperiod Loan Default Prediction Approach
Zhao Wang, Cuiqing Jiang, and Huimin Zhao
(pp. 1455-1486)

Attention to Digital Innovation: Exploring the Impact of a Chief Information Officer in the Top Management Team
David Bendig, Robin Wagner, Erk P. Piening, and Johann Nils Foege
(pp. 1487-1516)

Profit vs. Equality? The Case of Financial Risk Assessment and a New Perspective on Alternative Data
Tian Lu, Yingjie Zhang, and Beibei Li
(pp. 1517-1556)

The Effect of Posted Prices on Auction Prices: An Empirical Investigation of a Multichannel B2B Market
May Truong, Alok Gupta, Wolfgang Ketter, and Eric van Heck
(pp. 1557-1584)

Passing the Torch: How Parental Privacy Concerns Affect Adolescent Self-Disclosure on Social Networking Sites
Jingguo Wang, Meichen Dong, Zhiyong Yang, and Yuan Li
(pp. 1585-1614)

What Disrupts Flow in Office Work? The Impact of Frequency and Relevance of IT-Mediated Interruptions
Mario Nadj, Raphael Rissler, Marc T. P. Adam, Michael T. Knierim, Maximilian X. Li, Alexander Maedche, and René Riedl
(pp. 1615-1646)

Research Notes

Electoral Competition in the Age of Social Media: The Role of Social Media Influencers
Chao Ding, Wael Jabr, and Hong Guo
(pp. 1647-1662)

How Ephemerality Features Affect User Engagement with Social Media Platforms
Christiane Lehrer, Ioanna Constantiou. Christian Matt, and Thomas Hess
(pp. 1663-1678)

Can Fact-Checking Influence User Beliefs About Misinformation Claims: An Examination of Contingent Effects
Anol Bhattacherjee
(pp. 1679-1692)

Review Moderation Transparency and Online Reviews: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
Lianlian (Dorothy) Jiang, T. Ravichandran, and Jason Kuruzovich
(pp. 1693-1708)

Reviewing from a Distance: Uncovering Asymmetric Moderations of Spatial and Temporal Distance between Sentiment Negativity and Rating
Jürgen Neumann, Dominik Gutt, and Dennis Kundisch
(pp. 1709-1726)

Comparing Platform Owners’ Early and Late Entry into Complementary Markets
Runyu Shi, Aleksi Aaltonen, Ola Henfridsson, and Ram D. Gopal
(pp. 1727-1744)

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