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Volume 47, Issue 3 - September 2023

Issue Cover: Volume 47, Issue 3 - September 2023

Editor's Comments: Editing Innovation in MIS Quarterly

Research Articles

Extracting Actionable Insights from Text Data: A Stable Topic Model Approach
Yi Yang and Ramanath Subramanyam
(pp. 923-954)

Customer Complaint Avoidance: A Randomized Field Experiment of Platform Governance Based on Value Co-Creation and Appropriation
Xia Zhao, Peijian Song, Lanfei Shi, Ling Xue, and Fan Feng
(pp. 955-982)

The Power of Identity Cues in Text-Based Customer Service: Evidence from Twitter
Yang Gao, Huaxia Rui, and Shujing Sun
(pp. 983-1014)

Motivating User-Generated Content: The Unintended Consequences of Incentive Thresholds
Liuyi He, Jifeng Luo, Yisong Tang, Zhiyan Wu, and Han Zhang
(pp. 1015-1044)

Let Artificial Intelligence Be Your Shelf Watchdog: The Impact of Intelligent Image Processing-Powered Shelf Monitoring on Product Sales
Yipu Deng, Jinyang Zheng, Liqiang Huang, and Karthik Kannan
(pp. 1045-1072)

The Cost of Free: The Effects of “Wait-for-Free” Pricing Schemes on the Monetization of Serialized Digital Content
Angela Aerry Choi, Ki-Eun Rhee, Chamna Yoon, and Wonseok Oh
(pp. 1073-1100)

Nudging Private Ryan: Mobile Microgiving under Economic Incentives and Audience Effects
Dongwon Lee, Anandasivam Gopal, Dokyun Lee, and Dongwook Shin
(pp. 1101-1146)

Exploiting Expert Knowledge for Assigning Firms to Industries: A Novel Deep Learning Method
Xiaohang Zhao, Xiao Fang, Jing He, and Lihua Huang
(pp. 1147-1176)

Competing for Temporary Advantage in a Hypercompetitive Mobile App Market
Tabitha L. James, Zhilei Qiao, Wenqi Shen, G. Alan Wang, and Weiguo Fan
(pp. 1177-1212)

Are IT Professionals Unique? A Second-Order Meta-Analytic Comparison of Turnover Intentions Across Occupations
Sam Zaza, Damien Joseph, and Deborah J. Armstrong
(pp. 1213-1238)

Equality Does Not Make You Happy: Effects of Differentiated Leader-Member Exchange and Team-Member Exchange on Developer Satisfaction in Agile Development Teams
Viswanath Venkatesh, James Y. L. Thong, Kai Spohrer, Frank K. Y. Chan, Ankur Arora, Hartmut Hoehle, and Srinivasan Venkatraman
(pp. 1239-1270)

Crowdfunding Success Effects on Financing Outcomes for Startups: A Signaling Theory Perspective
Sunghan Ryu, Keongtae Kim, and Jungpil Hahn
(pp. 1271-1302)

ROLEX: A Novel Method for Interpretable Machine Learning Using Robust Local Explanations
Buomsoo (Raymond) Kim, Karthik Srinivasan, Sung Hye Kong, Jung Hee Kim, Chan Soo Shin, and Sudha Ram
(pp. 1303-1332)

Research Notes

Standardize or Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom? Interface Design Coordination between Software Platforms and Hosted Apps
Cheng Zhang, Peijian Song, and Kai Lim
(pp. 1333-1352)

Economic Impacts of Platform-Endorsed Quality Certification: Evidence from Airbnb
Sanjeev Dewan, Jooho Kim, and Tingting Nian
(pp. 1353-1368)



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