Volume 7, Number 4 — December 1983

Research Articles

*SIM Competition Paper:* The Application Approach Worksheet: An Evaluative Tool for Matching New Development Methods with Appropriate Applications
Jack Shomenta, Gary Kamp, Bob Hanson, and Brandon Simpson
(pp. 1-10)

*SIM Competition Paper:* Reshaping the IS Organization
Edwin B. Shore
(pp. 11-17)

*SIM Competition Paper:* Developing a Corporate Private Network
Herbert N. McCauley
(pp. 19-33)

A Field Study of End User Computing: Findings and Issues
David H. Benson
(pp. 35-45)

Natural Language for Database Queries: A Laboratory Study
Yannis Vassiliou, Matthias Jarke, Edward A. Stohr, Jon A. Turner, and Norman H. White
(pp. 47-61)

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