Volume 9, Number 2 —June 1985

Research Articles

Reconciliation Process for Data Management in Distributed Environments
Donald P. Ballou and Giri Kumar Tayi
(pp. 97-108)

*SIM Competition Paper:* Critical Success Factor Analysis as a Methodology for MIS Planning
Michael E. Shank, Andrew C. Boynton, and Robert W. Zmud
(pp. 121-129)

*SIM Competition Paper:* Implementation by Cultural Infusion: An Approach for Managing the Introduction of Information Technology in Organizations
Omar A. El Sawy
(pp. 131-140)

*ICIS Paper:* Methodological Issues in Experimental IS Research: Experiences and Recommendations
Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa, Gary W. Dickson, and Gerardine DeSanctis
(pp. 141-156)

Theory and Review Articles

The Effects of Using a Nonprocedural Computer Language on Programmer Productivity
Elie C. Harel and Ephraim R. McLean
(pp. 109-120)

Research Notes

Design and Implementation of Decision Support Systems in the Public Sector
John C. Henderson and David A. Schilling
(pp. 157-169)

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