Volume 10, Number 3 — September 1986

Research Articles

*SIM Competition Paper:* The Application Profile
John L. Batiste
(pp. 207-213)

Information Systems Development Success: Perspectives from Project Team Participants
Kathy Brittain White and Richard Leifer
(pp. 215-223)

Factors Influencing the Use of DP Chargeback Information
Francois Bergeron
(pp. 225-237)

Special Event Data in Shared Databases
Wilpen Gorr
(pp. 239-255)

Theory and Review Articles

The Effects of 3D Imagery on Managerial Data Interpretation
Jong Min Lee, James MacLachlan, and William A. Wallace
(pp. 257-269)

Job Characteristics as Indicants of CBIS Data Requirements
Pamela Hammers Specht
(pp. 271-287)

Research in Management Information Systems, 1980-1984: Points of Work and Reference
Mary J. Culnan and E. Burton Swanson
(pp. 289-302)

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