Volume 14, Number 2 — June 1990

Research Articles

An Examination of the Impact of Expert Systems on the Firm: The Case of XCON
(pp. 127-140)

Key Information Liability Issues Facing Managers: Software Piracy, Proprietary Databases, and Individual Rights to Pirvacy
Detmar W. Straub, Jr., and Rosann Webb Collins
(pp. 143-156)

Information System Cost Estimating: A Management Perspective
Albert L. Lederer, Rajesh Mirani, Boon Siong Neo, Carol Pollard, Jayesh Prasad, and K. Ramamurthy
(pp. 159-176)

An Asset-Based Systems Development Approach to Software Reusability
Jahangir Karimi
(pp. 179-198)

An Examination of Factors for the Strategic Use of Information Systems in the Healthcare Industry
K. Kyu Kim and Jeffrey E. Michelman
(pp. 201-215)

Theory and Review Articles

Influences on the IS Manager's Perceptions of Key Issues: Informaiton Scanning and the Relationship with the CEO
Richard T. Watson
(pp. 217-231)

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