Volume 14, Number 3 — September 1990

Research Articles

Investigating the Support Role of the Information Center
Francois Bergeron, Suzanne Rivard, and Lyne De Serre
(pp. 247-260)

An Empirical Investigation of the Relationship Between DSS Usage and System Performance: A Case Study of a Navigation Support System
Louis A. Le Blanc and Kenneth A. Kozar
(pp. 263-277)

*SIM Paper Competition:* KBS Circles: A Technology Transfer Initiative that Leverages Xerox's Leadership Through Quality Program
Mark C. Maletz
(pp. 323-329)

Theory and Review Articles

Intelligent Interface Design: An Empirical Assessment of Knowledge Presentation in Expert Systems
Donna M. Lamberti and William A. Wallace
(pp. 279-311)

The Effects of Anonymity on GDSS Group Process with an Idea-Generating Task
Leonard M. Jessup, Terry Connolly, and Jolene Galegher
(pp. 313-321)

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