Volume 14, Number 4 — December 1990

This issue contains selected papers from the 1989 and 1990 SIM International Paper Awards Competition.

Research Articles

TELCOT: An Application of Information Technology for Competitive Advantage in the Cotton Industry
Darryl Lindsey, Paul H. Cheney, George M. Kasper, and Blake Ives
(pp. 347-357)

The Marriage of Retail Marketing and Information Systems Technology: The Zellers Club Z Experience
Kenneth R. Wrightman
(pp. 359-366)

Implementing Electronic Meeting Systems at IBM: Lessons Learned and Success Factors
Ron Grohowski, Chris McGroff, Doug Vogel, Ben Mautz, and Jay Nunamaker
(pp. 369-383)

A Principles-Based Enterprise Architecture: Lessons from Texaco and Star Enterprise
Gary L. Richardson, Brad M. Jackson, and Gray W. Dickson
(pp. 385-403)

A Network Infrastructure to Contain Costs and Enable Fast Response: The TRW Process
Larry Railing and Tom Housel
(pp. 405-419)

Reusability-Based Strategy for Development of Information Systems
Uday Apte, Chetan S. Sankar, Meru Thakur, and Joel E. Turner
(pp. 421-433)

EIS: It Can Work in the Public Sector
Lakshmi Mohan, William K. Holstein, and Robert B. Adams
(pp. 435-448)

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