Volume 22, Number 1 —March 1998

Research Articles

Measuring Information Systems Service Quality: Lessons From Two Longitudinal Case Studies
Richard T. Watson, Leyland F. Pitt, and C. Bruce Kavan
(pp. 61-79)

Theory and Review Articles

Success of Data Resource Management in Distributed Environments: An Empirical Investigation
Hemant Jain, K. Ramamurthy, Hwa-Suk Ryu, and Masoud Yasai-Ardekani
(pp. 1-29)

Modeling IT Ethics: A Study in Situational Ethics
Debasish Banerjee, Timothy Paul Cronan, and Thomas W. Jones
(pp. 31-60)

Research Notes

The Dependent Variable in Research Into the Effects of Creativity Support Systems: Quality and Quantity of Ideas
Berend Wierenga and Gerrit H. van Bruggen
(pp. 81-87)

An Ounce of Preventative Research Design Is Worth a Tone of Statistical Analysis Cure
Brenda Massetti
(pp. 89-93)

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