Volume 23, Number 3 —September 1999

Research Articles

IT-Intensive Value Innovation in the Electronic Economy: Insights From Marshall Industries
Omar A. El Sawy, Arvind Malhotra, Sanjay Gosain, and Kerry M. Young
(pp. 303-335)

Seeding the Line: Understanding the Transition From IT to Non-IT Careers
Blaize Horner Reich and Michelle Lynn Kaarst-Brown
(pp. 337-364)

Organizational Mechanisms for Enhancing User Innovation in Information Technology
Satish Nambisan, Ritu Agarwal, and Mohan Tanniru
(pp. 365-395)

Chartjunk or Goldgraph? Effects on Presentation Objectives and Content Desirability on Information Presentation
Noam Tractinsky and Joachim Meyer
(pp. 397-420)

Horizontal Mechanisms Under Differing IS Organization Contexts
Carol V. Brown
(pp. 421-454)

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