Volume 27, Number 1 —March 2003

Issues and Opinions

Information Systems as a Reference Discipline for New Product Development
Satish Nambisan
(pp. 1-18)

Research Articles

Predicting Intention to Adopt Interorganizational Linkages: An Institutional Perspective
H. H. Teo, K. K. Wei, and I. Benbasat
(pp. 19-49)

Trust in TAM in Online Shopping: An Integrated Model
David Gefen, Elena Karahanna, and Detmar W. Straub
(pp. 51-90)

Understanding the Service Component of Application Service Provision: An Empirical Analysis of Satisfaction with ASP Services
Anjana Susarla, Anitesh Barua, and Andrew B. Whinston
(pp. 91-123)

Research Notes

Issues in Linking Information Technology Capability to Firm Performance
Radhika Santhanam and Edward Hartono
(pp. 125-153)

CIO Lateral Influence Behaviors: Gaining Peers' Commitment to Strategic Information Systems
Harvey G. Enns, Sid L. Huff, and Christopher A. Higgins
(pp. 155-176)

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