Volume 37, Number 2 — June 2013

Special Issue: Digital Business Strategy: Toward a Next Generation of Insights

Issues and Opinions

The Ambivalent Ontology of Digital Artifacts
Jannis Kallinikos, Aleksi Aaltonen, and Attila Marton
(pp. 357-370)

Impactful Research on Transformational Information Technology: An Opportunity to Inform New Audiences
Henry C. Lucas, Jr., Ritu Agarwal, Eric K. Clemons, Omar A. El Sawy, and Bruce Weber
(pp. 371-382)

Research Articles

When Filling the Wait Makes it Feel Longer: A Paradigm Shift Perspective for Managing Online Delay
Weiyin Hong, Traci J. Hess, and Andrew Hardin
(pp. 383-406)

Community Intelligence and Social Media Services: A Rumor Theoretic Analysis of Tweets During Social Crises
Onook Oh, Manish Agrawal, and H. Raghav Rao
(pp. 407-426)

Knowing What a User Likes: A Design Science Approach to Interfaces that Automatically Adapt to Culture
Katharina Reinecke and Abraham Bernstein
(pp. 427-453)

Research Essay

Positioning and Presenting Design Science Research for Maximum Impact
Shirley Gregor and Alan R. Hevner
(pp. 337-355)

Research Notes

The Impact of Shaping on Knowledge Reuse for Organizational Improvement with Wikis
Ann Majchrzak, Christian Wagner, and Dave Yates
(pp. 455-469)

Special Issue Articles

Information Technology and Business-Level Strategy: Toward an Integrated Theoretical Perspective
Paul L. Drnevich and David C. Croson
(pp. 483-509)

How a Firm’s Competitive Environment and Digital Strategic Posture Influence Digital Business Strategy
Sunil Mithas, Ali Tafti, and Will Mitchell
(pp. 511-536)

Design Capital and Design Moves: The Logic of Digital Business Strategy
C. Jason Woodard, Narayan Ramasubbu, F. Ted Tschang, and V. Sambamurthy
(pp. 537-564)

Leveraging Digital Technologies: How Information Quality Leads to Localized Capabilities and Customer Service Performance
Pankaj Setia, Viswanath Venkatesh, and Supreet Joglekar
(pp. 565-590)

Content or Community? A Digital Business Strategy for Content Providers in the Social Age
Gal Oestreicher-Singer and Lior Zalmanson
(pp. 591-616)

Digital Business Strategy and Value Creation: Framing the Dynamic Cycle of Control Points
Margherita Pagani
(pp. 617-632)

Visions and Voices on Emerging Challenges in Digital Business Strategy
Anandhi Bharadwaj, Omar A. El Sawy, Paul A. Pavlou, and N. Venkatraman
(pp. 633-661)

The following Issues and Opinions pieces are included in “Visions and Voices on Emerging Challenges in Digital Business Strategy”

Leadership in a Digital World: Embracing Transparency and Adaptive Capacity
Warren Bennis (pp. 635-636)

Transparency Strategy: Competing with Information in a Digital World
Nelson Granados and Alok Gupta (pp. 637-641)

Value Architectures for Digital Business: Beyond the Business Model
Peter Keen and Ronald Williams (pp. 642-647)

Commoditized Digital Processes and Business Community Platforms: New Opportunities and Challenges for Digital Business Strategies
M. Lynne Markus and Claudia Loebbecke (pp. 649-653)

Revealing Your Hand: Caveats in Implementing Digital Business Strategy
Varun Grover and Rajiv Kohli (pp. 655-662)

Funding for this special issue was provided by the Theodore J. and Peggy L. Willoughby Monograph Series in MIS.

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