Volume 46, Issue 3 --- September 2022

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Editor's Comments: Causality Meets Diversity in Information Systems Research

Research Articles

Enterprise Systems and M&A Outcomes for Acquirers and Targets
Chengxin Cao, Gautam Ray, Mani Subramani, and Alok Gupta
(pp. 1295-1322)

Seeing Is Believing? How Including a Video in Fake News Influences Users’ Reporting of the Fake News to Social Media Platforms
Shuting (Ada) Wang, Min-Seok Pang, and Paul A. Pavlou
(pp. 1323-1354)

Wearable Sensor-Based Chronic Condition Severity Assessment: An Adversarial Attention-Based Deep Multisource Multitask Learning Approach
Shuo Yu, Yidong Chai, Hsinchun Chen, Scott J. Sherman, Randall A. Brown
(pp. 1355-1394)

Technological Entitlement: It’s My Technology and I’ll (Ab)Use It How I Want To
Laura C. Amo, Emily Grijalva, Tejaswini Herath, G. James Lemoine, and H. Raghav Rao
(pp. 1395-1420)

Discursive Fields and the Diversity-Coherence Paradox: An Ecological Perspective on the Blockchain Community Discourse
Shaila M. Miranda, Dawei (David) Wang, and Chuan (Annie) Tian
(pp. 1421-1452)

Designing Digital Market Offerings: How Digital Ventures Navigate the Tension Between Generative Digital Technology and the Current Environment
Julian Lehmann, Jan Recker, Youngjin Yoo, and Christoph Rosenkranz
(pp. 1453-1482)

When IT Creates Legal Vulnerability: Not Just Overutilization but Underprovisioning of Health Care Could be a Consequence
Yeongin Kim, Mehmet U.S. Ayvaci, Srinivasan Raghunathan, and Turgay Ayer
(pp. 1483-1516)

Online Reviews and Information Overload: The Role of Selective, Parsimonious, and Concordant Top Reviews
Wael Jabr and Mohammad Saifur Rahman
(pp. 1517-1550)

Infrastructure as a Home for a Person: A Phenomenological Interpretation of Star and Ruhleder’s Relational View
Kai Reimers, Stefan Schellhammer, and Robert B. Johnston
(pp. 1551-1572)

Competing with the Sharing Economy: Incumbents’ Reaction on Review Manipulation
Cheng Nie, Zhiqiang (Eric) Zheng, and Sumit Sarkar
(pp. 1573-1602)

What Makes One Intrinsically Interested in IT? An Exploratory Study on Influences of Autistic Tendency and Gender in the U.S. and India
Ronnie Jia, Zachary R. Steelman, and Heather H. Jia
(pp. 1603-1634)

Explaining Data-Driven Decisions made by AI Systems: The Counterfactual Approach
Carlos Fernández-Loría, Foster Provost, and Xintian Han
(pp. 1635-1660)

Platform Compatibility and Developer Multihoming: A Trade-off Perspective
Jing Tian, Xia Zhao, and Ling Xue
(pp. 1661-1690)

Novelty and the Structure of Design Landscapes: A Relational View of Online Innovation Communities (Open Access)
Harris Kyriakou, Jeffrey V. Nickerson, and Ann Majchrzak
(pp. 1691-1720)

Research Notes

Do Security Fear Appeals Work When They Interrupt Tasks? A Multi-Method Examination of Password Strength (Open Access)
Anthony Vance, David Eargle, Dennis Eggett, Detmar Straub, and Kirk Ouimet
(pp. 1721-1738)

A Theory of Multi-Realization of IT Value: Toward Construct Clarity in the Co-Development of Large Platforms
Leif Skiftenes Flak, Hans Solli-Sæther, and Detmar William Straub
(pp. 1739-1758)

The Impact of IT Decision-Making Authority on IT Project Performance in the U.S. Federal Government
Min-Seok Pang and Gwanhoo Lee
(pp. 1759-1776)

Peer-to-Peer Loan Fraud Detection: Constructing Features from Transaction Data
Jennifer J. Xu, Dongyu Chen, Michael Chau, Liting Li, and Haichao Zheng
(pp. 1777-1792)

Adverse Selection in B2B Secondary Market Online Auctions for IT Equipment: An Empirical Analysis
Abdullah Alhauli, Wedad J. Elmaghraby, and Anandasivam Gopal
(pp. 1793-1816)

Social Influence, Competition, and Free Riding: Examining Seller Interactions Within an Online Social Network
He Huang, Yan Huang, Zhijun Yan, and Han Zhang
(pp. 1817-1832)


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