Volume 11, Number 4 — December 1987

Research Articles

*SIM Competition Paper:* Planning and Managing a Corporate Network Utility
Wayne A. Hall and Robert E. McCauley
(pp. 437-449)

The Information Center Concept: A Normative Model and a Study of Six Installations
Clinton E. White, Jr., and David P. Christy
(pp. 451-458)

Systems Analysis and Design: Current Practices
Charles R. Necco, Carl L. Gordon, and Nancy W. Tsai
(pp. 461-476)

The Impact of Automated Office Systems on Middle Managers and Their Work
Zeeva Millman and Jon Hartwick
(pp. 479-491)

Theory and Review Articles

Process Tracing Methods in Decision Support Systems Research: Exploring the Black Box
Peter Todd and Izak Benbasat
(pp. 493-512)

Price and Value of Decision Support Systems
Dan R. Pieptea and Evan Anderson
(pp. 515-528)

Data Flow and Data Structure Modeling for Database Requirements Determination: A Comparative Study
Robert W. Mantha
(pp. 531-545)

Training End Users: An Exploratory Study
R. Ryan Nelson and Paul H. Cheney
(pp. 547-559)

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