Volume 12, Number 1 — March 1988

Research Articles

*SIM Competition Paper:* Airline Management Information System at Arkia Israeli Airlines
Israel Borovits and Seev Neumann
(pp. 127-137)

After the Sale: Leveraging Maintenance with Information Technology
Blake Ives and Michael R. Vitale
(pp. 7-21)

A Company/University Joint Venture to Build a Knowledge-Based System
John R. Weitzel and Kenneth R. Andrews
(pp. 23-34)

Developing Capabilities to Use Information Strategically
H. Russell Johnston and Shelley R. Carrico
(pp. 37-48)

Determinants of Success for Computer Usage in Small Business
William H. DeLone
(pp. 51-61)

Theory and Review Articles

Restoring a Sense of Control During Implementation: How User Involvement Leads to System Acceptance
Ann-Marie K. Baronas and Meryl Reis Louis
(pp. 111-124)

Matching Computer-Based Information Systems with Organizational Structures
Richard Leifer
(pp. 63-73)

Critical Factors in the User Environment: An Experimental Study of Users, Organizations and Tasks
Gayle J. Yaverbaum
(pp. 75-88)

The Effect of User Involvement on System Success: A Contingency Approach
Peter Tait and Iris Vessey
(pp. 91-108)

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