Volume 12, Number 2 — June 1988

Research Articles

Creating Competitive Advantage with Interorganizational Information Systems
H. Russell Johnston and Michael R. Vitale
(pp. 153-165)

*SIM Competition Paper:* Measuring Information Systems Performance: Experience with the Management By Results System at Security Pacific Bank
John P. Singleton, Ephraim R. McLean, and Edward N. Altman
(pp. 325-337)

Software Maintainability: Perceptions of EDP Professionals
Chai Kim and Stu Weston
(pp. 167-185)

The Value of Strategic IS Planning: Understanding Consistency, Validity, and IS Markets
John C. Henderson and John G. Sifonis
(pp. 187-200)

A Framework for Comparing Information Engineering Methods
Richard D. Hackathorn and Jahangir Karimi
(pp. 203-220)

The Quantification of Decision Support Benefits Within the Context of Value Analysis
Arthur Money, David Tromp, and Trever Wegner
(pp. 223-236)

Theory and Review Articles

Factors Affecting Information Satisfaction in the Context of the Small Business Environment
Ali Rexa Montazemi
(pp. 239-256)

The Measurement of End-User Computing Satisfaction
William J. Doll and Gholamreza Torkzadeh
(pp. 259-274)

Computer-Based Support for Group Problem-Finding: An Experimental Investigation
R. Brent Gallupe, Gerardine DeSanctis, and Gary W. Dickson
(pp. 277-296)

An Information Systems Keyword Classification Scheme
Henri Barki, Suzanne Rivard, and Jean Talbot
(pp. 299-322)

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