Volume 16, Number 4 — December 1992

Issues and Opinions

Ethical Standards for Information Systems Professionals: A Case for a Unified Code
Effy Oz
(pp. 423-433)

Research Articles

Understanding the CEO/CIO Relationship
David F. Feeny, Brian R. Edwards, and Keppel M. Simpson
(pp. 435-448)

Executive or Functional Manager? The Nature of the CIO's Job
Charlotte S. Stephens, William N. Ledbetter, Amitava Mitra, and F. Nelson Ford
(pp. 449-467)

New Information Systems Leaders: A Changing Role in a Changing World
Lynda M. Applegate and Joyce J. Elam
(pp. 469-490)

Empowerment: Key to IS World-Class Quality
Harvey R. Shrednick, Richard J. Shutt, and Madeline Weiss
(pp. 491-505)

Theory and Review Articles

Organizational Experiences and Career Success of MIS Professionals and Managers: An Examination of Race Differences
Magid Igbaria and Wayne M. Wormley
(pp. 507-529)

Toward a Better Understanding of Information Technology Organization: A Comparative Case Study
J. Ellis Blanton, Hugh J. Watson, and Janette Moody
(pp. 531-555)

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