Volume 17, Number 4 — December 1993

Research Articles

(Un)Structured Creativity in Information Systems Organizations
J. Daniel Couger, Lexis F. Higgins, and Scott C. McIntyre
(pp. 375-397)

Distributed Group Support Systems
Murray Turoff, Starr Roxanne Hiltz, Ahmed N. F. Bahgat, and Ajaz R. Rana
(pp. 399-417)

Tailoring Database Training for End Users
Judith A. Ahrens and Chetan S. Sankar
(pp. 419-439)

Impact of Communication Medium and Computer Support on Group Perceptions and Performance: A Comparison of Face-to-Face and Dispersed Meetings
Laku Chidambaram and Beth Jones
(pp. 465-491)

Theory and Review Articles

User-Database Interface: The Effect of Abstraction Levels on Query Performance
Hock Chuan Chan, Kwok Kee Wei, and Keng Leng Siau
(pp. 441-464)

The Effects of Information System User Expectations on Their Performance and Perceptions
Bernadette Szajna and Richard W. Scamell
(pp. 493-516)

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