Volume 46, Issue 4 - December 2022

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Editorial Board

Editor's Comments: Qualitative Research Methods in Information Systems: A Call for Phenomenon-Focused Problematization
Guest Editorial: Reflections on the 2021 Impact Award: Why Privacy Still Matters

Issues and Opinions

Everything Old Can Be New Again: Reinvigorating Theory Borrowing for the Digital Age
Dan Jiang, Lianlian (Dorothy) Jiang, Jackie London Jr., Varun Grover, and Heshan Sun
(pp. 1833-1850)

Research Articles

Comparing Competing Systems: An Extension of the Information Systems Continuance Model
Julian Lin, Jiamin Yin, Kwok Kee Wei, Hock Chuan Chan, and Hock Hai Teo
(pp. 1851-1874)

Impact of Ride-Hailing Services on Transportation Mode Choices: Evidence from Traffic and Transit Ridership
Kyunghee Lee, Qianran (Jenny) Jin, Animesh Animesh, and Jui Ramaprasad
(pp. 1875-1900)

Microblogging Replies and Opinion Polarization: A Natural Experiment
Yingda Lu, Junjie Wu, Yong Tan, and Jian Chen
(pp. 1901-1936)

Rural-Urban Healthcare Access Inequality Challenge: Transformative Roles of Information Technology
Yu Tong, Chuan-Hoo Tan, Choon Ling Sia, Yani Shi, and Hock-Hai Teo
(pp. 1937-1982)

Repairing Integrity-Based Trust Violations in Ascription Disputes for Potential E-Commerce Customers
Honglin Deng, Weiquan Wang, and Kai H. Lim
(pp. 1983-2014)

Are We There Yet? Analyzing Progress in the Conversion Funnel Using the Diversity of Searched Products
Anat Goldstein, Gal Oestreicher-Singer, Ohad Barzilay, and Inbal Yahav
(pp. 2015-2054)

Description and Demonstration Signals as Complements and Substitutes in an Online Market for Mental Health Care
Junjie Zhou, Rajiv Kishore, Laura Amo, and Cheng Ye
(pp. 2055-2084)

The Influence of Status on Evaluations: Evidence from Online Coding Contests
Swanand J. Deodhar, Yash Babar, and Gordon Burtch
(pp. 2085-2110)

Deviant Affordances: When Tensions, Deadlocks, and Nonconformance Generate Performance (Open Access)
Steffi Haag, Andreas Eckhardt, and Viswanath Venkatesh
(pp. 2111-2162)

An Empirical Investigation of Company Response to Data Breaches
Hamid Reza Nikkhah and Varun Grover
(pp. 2163-2196)

Just Enough Information? The Contingent Curvilinear Effect of Information Volume on Decision Performance in IS-Enabled Teams
Jeffrey K. Mullins and Rajiv Sabherwal
(pp. 2197-2228)

Who Are You and What Are You Selling? Creator-Based and Product-Based Racial Cues in Crowdfunding
Lauren Rhue and Jessica Clark
(pp. 2229-2260)

Does IT Matter to Acquisitions? The Impacts of IT Distance on Post-Acquisition Performance
Kyunghee Lee, Kunsoo Han, Animesh Animesh, and Alain Pinsonneault
(pp. 2261-2288)

Theory and Review Articles

Digital Strategic Initiatives and Digital Resources: Construct Definition and Future Research Directions
Gabriele Piccoli, Joaquin Rodriguez, and Varun Grover
(pp. 2289-2316)

Research Notes

The Path of the Righteous: Using Trace Data to Understand Fraud Decisions in Real Time (Open Access)
Markus Weinmann, Joseph S. Valacich, Christoph Schneider, Jeffrey L. Jenkins, and Martin Hibbeln
(pp. 2317-2336)

Discovering Emerging Threats in the Hacker Community: A Nonparametric Emerging Topic Detection Framework
Weifeng Li and Hsinchun Chen
(pp. 2337-2350)

Are Foreign and Domestic Information Technology Professionals Complements or Substitutes?
Sunil Mithas, Yanzhen Chen, Che-Wei Liu, and Kunsoo Han
(pp. 2351-2366)

How Green Information Technology Standards and Strategies Influence Performance: Role of Environment, Cost, and Dual Focus
Terence J. V. Saldanha, Sunil Mithas, Jiban Khuntia, Jonathan Whitaker, and Nigel P. Melville
(pp. 2367-2386)

Is Organizational Commitment to IT Good for Employees? The Role of Industry Dynamism and Concentration
Andreas Engelen, Verena Rieger, Marius C. Wehner, and Fabian Heidemann
(pp. 2387-2404)

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