2011 December

Editor’s Comments: IT and Entrepreneurism: An On-Again, Off-Again Love Affair or a Marriage?
Manlio Del Giudice and Detmar Straub (35:4), December 2011

Network Effects: The Influence of Structural Social Capital on Open Source Project Success
Param Vir Singh, Yong Tan, and Vijay Mookerjee (35:4), December 2011

Technostress: Technological Antecedents and Implications
Ramakrishna Ayyagari, Varun Grover, and Russell Purvis (35:4), December 2011

The Value of IT-Enabled Retailer Learning: Personalized Product Recommendations and Customer Store Loyalty in Electronic Markets
Tongxiao (Catherine) Zhang, Ritu Agarwal, and Henry C. Lucas, Jr. (35:4), December 2011

Guidelines for Designing Visual Ontologies to Support Knowledge Identification
Palash Bera, Andrew Burton-Jones, and Yair Wand (35:4), December 2011

A Multilevel Model for Measuring Fit Between a Firm’s Competitive Strategies and Information Systems Capabilities
Tim S. McLaren, Milena M. Head, Yufei Yuan, and Yolande E. Chan (35:4), December 2011

Freedom of Choice, Ease of Use, and the Formation of Interface Preferences
Kyle B. Murray and Gerald Häubl (35:4), December 2011

Information Privacy Research: An Interdisciplinary Review
H. Jeff Smith, Tamara Dinev, and Heng Xu (35:4), December 2011

Privacy in the Digital Age: A Review of Information Privacy Research in Information Systems
France Belanger and Robert E. Crossler (35:4), December 2011

Integrating Technology Addiction and Use: An Empirical Investigation of Online Auction Users
Ofir Turel, Alexander Serenko, and Paul Giles (35:4), December 2011

Virtual Space and Place: Theory and Test
Carol Saunders, A. F. Rutkowski, Michiel van Genuchten, Doug Vogel, and Julio Molina Orrego (35:4), December 2011

2011 September

Information Systems Research Behavior: What Are the Normative Standards?
Gove N. Allen, Nicholas L. Ball, and H. Jeff Smith (35:3), September 2011

The Effects of Digital Trading Platforms on Commodity Prices in Agricultural Supply Chains
Rajiv Banker, Sabyaschi Mitra, and V. Sambamurthy (35:3), September 2011

What If Your Avatar Looks Like You? Dual-Congruity Perspectives for Avatar Use
Kil-Soo Suh, Hongki Kim, and Eung Kyo Suh (35:3), September 2011

Enhancing Brand Equity Through Flow and Telepresence: A Comparison of 2D and 3D Virtual Worlds
Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah, Brenda Eschenbrenner, and David DeWester (35:3), September 2011

From Space to Place: Predicting Users’ Intentions to Return to Virtual Worlds
Lakshmi Goel, Norman A. Johnson, Iris Junglas, and Blake Ives (pp. 749-771)

An Odyssey into Virtual Worlds: Exploring the Impacts of Technological and Spatial Environments on Intention to Purchase Virtual Products
Animesh Animesh, Alain Pinsonneault, Sung-Byung Yang, and Wonseok Oh (35:3), September 2011

2011 June

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Chen, P., Kataria, G., and Krishnan, R. Correlated Failures, Diversification, and Information Security Risk Management (35:2), June 2011

Lee, D-J., Ahn, J-H., and Bang, Y. Managing Consumer Privacy Concerns in Personalization: A Strategic Analysis of Privacy Protection (35:2), June 2011

Aggarwal, N., Dai, Q., and Walden, E. A. The More, the Merrier? How the Number of Partners in a Standard-Setting Initiative Affects Shareholder’s Risk and Return (35:2), June 2011

Nan, N. Capturing Bottom-Up Information Technology Use Processes: A Complex Adaptive Systems Model (35:2), June 2011

2011 March

Errata Note: Sein, M. K., Henfridsson, O., Purao, S., Rossi, M., and Lindgren, R. Action Design Research (35:1), March 2011

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Adipat, B., Zhang, D., and Zhou, L. The Effects of Tree-View Based Presentation Adaptation on Model Web Browsing? (35:1), March 2011

Elliot, S. Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Environmental Sustainability: A Resource Base and Framework for IT-Enabled Business Transformation? (35:1), March 2011

Mithas, S., Ramasubbu, N., and Sambamurthy, V. How Information Management Capability Influences Firm Performance? (35:1), March 2011

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