Volume 11, Number 2 — June 1987

Research Articles

A Comparison of Judgement, Skills, and Prompting Effects Between Auditors and Systems Analysts
Severin V. Grabski, J. Hal Reneau, and Stephen G. West
(pp. 151-161)

A User Generated Information System: An Innovative Development Approach
Kenneth A. Kozar and John M. Mahlum
(pp. 163-174)

A Decision Aid for Selecting Among Information System Alternatives
Gary Klein and Philip O. Beck
(pp. 177-185)

Reliability of Information Systems Based on the Critical Success Factors -- Formulation
Fatemeh Zahedi
(pp. 187-203)

Forging a Partnership to Achieve Competitive Advantage: The CIM Challenge
William J. Doll and Mark A. Vonderembse
(pp. 205-220)

Issues Management in the Information Planning Process
Benjamin Dansker, Janeen Smith Hansen, Ralph D. Loftin, and Marlene A. Veldwisch
(pp. 223-230)

Theory and Review Articles

Semi-Structured Recurring Decisions: An Experimental Study of Decision Making Models and Some Suggestions for DSS
William Remus and Jeffery E. Kotteman
(pp. 233-243)

An Organizational Learning Approach to Information Systems Development
Gail Salaway
(pp. 245-264)

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